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Inspired by Textiles

Looking back, I believe my love and interest for beautiful textiles started with my first purchase from Belgian designer Dirk Van Saene (one of the Antwerp Six). Living in my hometown of Antwerp, I had saved up for a month to buy the top and skirt in his etalage.(this was early 80’s) It was an Ikat weave but just done in such a modern cut, I became an immediate follower.

It took many years and windy roads before I knew that I too must design and so, I rolled into F.I.T. to pursue a career in “fashion”.

In 2005 I started my own label, mel en stel, (the name mel stands as a gratitude toward my husband and stel because I had changed my name to Stella during this time).

It started out with one of kind pieces made from existing objects to wholesale, a boutique ,online.

Always drawn towards understated beauty and a utilitarian attitude, there is often an element of both feminine and masculine lines within the styles.

Working primarily with rich, textured Italian fabrics, my aim is to develop a modern look that stand the test of time.